A.N.T. Farm: Escuela de talentos

A.N.T. Farm: Escuela de talentos
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Chyna Parks, an 11 year old musical prodigy, gets into a gifted program called Advanced Natural Talents at the local high school. Along with her fellow elementary school-aged 'ANTs', she must navigate the halls of a new school of older kids who are not particularly fond of grade-skipping newbies.

Título original A.N.T. Farm: Escuela de talentos
Año: 2011
Género: Comedia Infantil
Director: Dan Signer
Elenco: China Anne McClain, Sierra Nicole McCormick, Stefanie Scott, Jake Short, Aedin Mincks, Allie DeBerry, Mindy Sterling, Finesse Mitchell, Dominic Burgess.
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